A Short Story

Hello again.. As I was speaking before, once I was interested to write a short story, I sat to pen down my flow of thoughts that finally resulted in a story as below. I never expected it to hit me so straight but still i tried to begin my journey of early times. I am sharing the story below and i hope that it may amuse you.

I have named it : "SWEETHEART"

“There you come, you little naughty bitch”, standing before me all drenched in mud was my cute little princess whom I loved more than anything else in this universe that ever mattered. As usual she put up an evil smile at the corner of her tweaky mouth and tried to run into me. But that smile was not the classic usual one, as far as I remember, rather it had a tint of agony and pain mixed with it. My palms caressed her smooth cheeks and I asked in a very perturbed tone, “What on this earth is worrying my lovely sweetie??” In response to my words a thick drop of tears dropped down her round pretty eyes sparkling within which a whole ocean of innocence was waiting eagerly to explain everything that had happened to make her sad. She turned her timid face down and sobbing she showed her left leg that was deeply scratched by a thorn that was still dangling from the wound. My heart pounded from within, a drop of tear rolled down my eyes seeing my sweetheart in pain. Without a second glance at her wound, I paced all the way down to the closet in the porch to fetch the first-aid box. With lots of care I took the thorn out of her leg and bandaged the wound with proper cleaning using dettol. I comforted her kissing her on the forehead.

Now was my turn to get angry on the action that she always repeats even after my several warnings landing her in twitchy situations. “Who told you to jump over the fence of Mrs. Simon?? I warn you every time not to hop into her rose bushes following that evil puppy friend of yours. You forget the world when you are with the devil, at times you trip into the swimming pool and sometimes you get your legs torn…. Do you love that guy?? Listen you little witch, today you have to decide one between us, either it has to be him or me…. You have to make your choice soon.. till then we are not talking …ok..” I gave her a stern look and slowly strafed towards the orchids to rest on the fresh grass that I had shaped the day before. She quietly followed me with her head hung low with guilt, she settled down before limping a bit on her injured leg. She raised her head and gave me one of the cutest smiles of her. It made me melt like an ice cream suddenly plunged into an iron furnace. Still trying to maintain my temper, acting as if I was still in rage I reacted, “Don’t you do that again Jennie, and don’t try to act cute else I will knock you down!! Ok…” I took her in my arms and whispered in her ears, “Don’t you know darling how much I love you!! Then why don’t you take care of yourself dear?? I can’t ever see you in pain and you know that right??” she too nodded and rested her chin on my shoulders. I took her to her kennel and put the Barbie belt around her neck that I had bargained at a local pet shop the evening before. I filled her bowl with fresh milk and an handful of Pedigree and greeted her, “Now be a good girl and finish up your food soon else Sam will get angry on you again and no Garfield show tonight…and yes.. I will throw the TV into the brook nearby if you see the evil puppy again… I am making it clear… okay??”

There she was my sweet little puppy Jennie, 3 years old and integrate part of our lives, especially my life. She came into my life when I had lost something or someone very important, the absence of which had crippled my mind and made my life a hell. Jennie makes my day, she makes me smile even in my deadest nights with her stupid little pranks and tricks..