Hello World ~ Hello People My hearty pranam - namaskaar and wishes to true lovers of ideas and believers of open thought space, "A Warm Welcome to my own Mind Space".

Few days back i wondered that whether my actions, beliefs and several reconciliations with mind, heart and perceptions can visibly ever bring any change in the society? in the life of the people around me? my surroundings? and lastly my own life? These queries haunted my mind ever since initiating ripples all over my thought process, pulling me down every time I pondered on them.

Before that I feel its quite important to introduce myself and express my interests:


I am a geeky guy primarily who loves his owned gadgets the most and dreams of the owning the newer ones in the market as well. I feel envied at times when I see a guy with a "Nokia Lumia 800" standing just before me in the queue to a movie ticket counter, endless desires fills my heart with a single though of it, this is the extreme to which i fantasize about the gadgets. Jokes apart, i love to keep myself informed about at least the basic Technology updates everyday which aids me to write posts for www.gadgeticworld.com and i seriously love doing that. Trying out new apps and socializing, in other words Facebooking- the buzzword of recent times keeps me hooked up. My other interests include the lately developed Photography with my Canon IXUS 220HS. I take pleasure in writing articles, poems and stories, reading books as well, to which i have planned of buying a Kindle Touch that may keep me reading all the time. I own a Playstation Portable too to entertain myself with my favorite games like God of Wars, NFS, Assasin's Creed to name a few.

That was enough crap about me, so now i shall express my basic idea as why i thought of creating this blog. I have observed that numerous thoughts and ideas creep into my mind just the the one shared before all the time which made me think, it would be great to share them with masses and like minded people, get suggestions, improve, after all this is the only way to grow. So i shall be sharing anything other that my crap that may interest you and at the same time keep in view Wordpress policies too as specified, i promise.

See you guys very soon. Amen