Society Dipped in Science & Technology: A Contemporary View

I recently adored the way Science is changing lives & society today, that urged me to feature one of my old articles about the beautiful world of science. Just have a read.

The term “Science” is defined by Oxford dictionary as ‘the study or knowledge of the physical & natural world based on observation & experiment’, finds its origin from the Latin word “scientia” meaning knowledge. Addition to it “Technology” refers to application of the scientific knowledge for practical purposes & both of these bind together to nurture a society.

            Science, it is said, is creating problems faster than they can be solved. This is not a criticism of science but of man’s inability to adjust himself to changed conditions. Science always transforms itself & in turns leads technology into a realm of more advanced human race.

            The subject science got incorporated right into our childhood textbooks, got subdivided further into biology, physics & chemistry & got split up even more when we stepped into our engineering career. As it plays a vital role in every individual’s life; each & every inventory that shrouds our daily life are a gift of science.

                                                             From the historical viewpoint, science & technology found its implementation right in the earliest human civilisation like Indus Valley & Harappa in town planning and resource management. The early men too made use of science & technology to design weapons to gather food & sustain themselves in hostile conditions. Science has also led to Industrialisation & colonialisation in the past that led to the formation of the modern world.

                                      In today’s contemporary world view, science has led to various innovations that has helped medical sciences to cure & develop organisms, study about origin of life, Astronomical sciences-in the study of the universe that includes everything, Atomic science in the study of nucleus & atoms –the basic building blocks, Earth sciences that includes geology, oceanology, ecology, etc. the most valuable service that science has rendered to mankind is that it has given it supreme self-confidence. It has given the assurance and power to man to control his environment & modify it to suit his needs. The pre-scientific era problems of natural calamities, low livelihood opportunities, communication gap, insecurity & low life expectancy have been removed by science & technology giving way to the power of predicting calamities, power to modify weather & earth through satellite imagery, varied livelihood options, unification of the globe using advanced communication links like optical links, satellite communication, etc. & insecurity removed by development of ultra-modern weapons of mass annihilation, life expectancy of human beings have been doubled with introduction new equipment, drugs & techniques to ward off illness. Technology has provided human race with ample amount of spare time by reducing the human labour & providing recreation & entertainment facilities for the people. It has cleared people of old beliefs & superstitions & has explained simple events & occurrences with valid reasons behind them.

                                    In the intellectual perspective science has revolutionised life. It has blown dust off age old questions including the origin of universe, nature of physical world & its evolution. It has traced the evolution of life & has given the world a new scientific outlook.

            But every positive has some negative also, same truth holds for the science & technology too that is flushing the modern society. The fact is that science gives man power & knowledge but it does not necessarily give him wisdom, as power comes with responsibility. The foremost duty of a human being is the judicious use of power. The science & technology should be so balanced that it should lead to sustainable development, i.e., development without compromising with nature. The improper & reckless use has led to many ancient wars, atomic wars climatic disruptions, global warming, depletion of resources & an imbalance in the ecology of the earth.

                        The atomic energy can be used for various peaceful purposes & finding various substitutional energy sources may lead to checking of the depleting natural resources like fossil fuels, water & soil. The universal call for disarmament must be carried out to route away the fear of nuclear wars & emission of greenhouse gases must be checked to prevent global warming- the biggest menace the earth & its denizens are facing.  Too much of mechanisation has led to man’s dependence on machines that in turn is affecting the environment by depletion of trees & forests.

                        Lastly i would like to quote that...

If we want our Gen-next to populate the earth after 2012, we need to join hands to conserve water, fuels, respect mother earth, recycle and march towards a cleaner, better & sustained planet earth.