Pain Lingers, No more!!

The pain still lingers Crawling beneath thy scaly skin

Cleaving through thy bloody heart

Singing the hymn of ethereal darkness

Still lingers all along

Fiery dungeons & twisted pathways

A sparkling firefly fights,

Lost amidst infinite black,

Born is an eternal dream

To paint the sky and pump in light,

Flush the world with bright sunlight,

A want to clear lurking mist

Off thoughtless minds,

The pain still lingers


Burning down its struggling wings,

Sending twitches past every vein,

Prayers lost amidst mercy screams.

Lust to live an owned free world

Lights back the sunken fire,

Mast-less boats of imagination have

Spanned thou vast venomous seas,

Awaiting master’s dark dungeon exit,

Baby sun fades down the mighty horizon

Those anchored boats along freezing shorelines

Loaded with aspirations, dreams and desires,

The pain still lingers.


Finally rests the aching firefly

Racing against a game of inevitable death,

The pain still lingers.


Glowing green now engulfs endless sands,

Thousands searching for thou fallen brethren,

An aura blows the dungeon bright,

Clears way down the secret path

Ends search with a final verdict

The pain still lingers, no more!!