A long BlogComing episode right on my birthday!

Hello World,

Well this is something of a way, I have been taught long back to greet people and consider them sacred souls, co-passengers of the same ship wading all along through the turbulent waters of life. Screw them! I mean what sense does it make in a world that is filled up with so called "sacred souls" indulged in everything so "un-sacred"? Dominance of the earth's resources in a handful of unscrupulous creepy fellowmen seeking every chance to loot at every second possible. Its hard time now my co-denizens of this once beautiful earth, now we have to learn sating "no", yes its "no", a two lettered word, in whole of its senses meaning "negative", fills in negativity, still saves us from being looted? Makes sense? What about this? "Poor men shouting "No" when he is about being looted by his landlord, We spitting "No" onto the faces of greedy country selling politicians on being forcibly converted to vote banks" Now won't that make any visible change? I strongly believe it would bring in a splitting change, a divide that would raise a wall separating the "looters" and the "lootees". Pardon my sense of grammar, but at times small mistakes are necessary enough to set huge things right, ain?

 So, my dear readers, well I would just call that because I have already made it clear, I doubt the sensibility and credibility of words starting with "Co-" lately, so we need to put that aside for a moment and concentrate on my topic, words like "blogcoming" & "birthday" do they ring together well? and do they mean anything at all? Yes, they do, blogcoming, my own dictionary holds the word, synonymous to homecoming, seems a festive occasion when people return home after a long time, I too have returned back to my blog after a long long time! so won't that sound similar to sort of "blogcoming"!

About the word birthday, for starters, its my birthday today! :) Yeh! It's like me wishing myself more of a self-birthday kind of thing but after all its the D day for me and I am supposed to celebrate, right? So be it, just sing me a birthday song and we are even!

That was all the blabbering stuff trapped beneath me for days and got this space finally to blurt out anyways. The time that I am having with myself lately, the huge amount of ample time or vice versa, it has led me realize something about myself as well as the general human tendency to accept and adapt to situations. Many a times a feel like I am nurturing an individual inside me, a silent self that is growing over my existing mistakes and realizations. In other words I am learning from my mistakes, rectification is the light of the day.

This is very necessary for a man who is on the verge of starting a new life, shifting to a new place and environment, where he would be dealing with people of every breed!, he can't afford to lose his own self among the crowd, he can't sit idle cursing his own long coveted fate. No he won't and I won't, that is what I practically call "self realization". Owning a self painted a figurine of yourself doesn't matter unless it is passed on the community of painters and admirers who realize the true worth of it, who believe in the potential of the creator and place the artwork above the mantelpiece for the whole world to see. Does that seem "spiritual", I bet I never had any such aspirations to turn that into a more spiritually levitating work either.

Speaking of Spirituality in today's world, I wouldn't feel more enlightened than unmasking the true facets of spiritual beings inhabiting the earth and society! As the topic has already started, there is no turning back, no sense of guilt when I say, I don't believe you O' great saffron shroud clad holy beast! You don't deserve to be called a God when you do not have the sensibility to offer warmth to a poor shivering soul at the dread of the night when you felt it more comforting to tuck yourself in into the arms of your bikini clad devotee, long lost in lust. Is it the heavenly way you interpreted your holy scriptures? Is it what all your long hours of enlightening, mesmerizing speech, coated words with savory sprinklings  meant? Were they this spineless? We live in a colorful society where every young/old man with a black/white beard, clad in saffron/white silk, chanting holy slogans without bated breath is considered, in plain words mis-interpreted as a transcendental form of the Holy God! For Christ's sake, are the people so dumb to believe that? Don't our parents, society and every possible positive session we attend die to preach "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Then why is it that every such law is circumvented, bent and paused when it comes to a reality check over the name of God, why can't the so called holy ones testify their own authenticity? Why don't they live without the much needed fame, flair, luxurious and flamboyant lifestyle? Isn't it what looks befitting the name "O holy one"?

That seems enough of a outburst for a day! So this was my long lost love for writing, I will be back with my blog bubbling with new and more sharper posts sooner or later. So keep being around me people! Love.