Diving into a new World, embracing a new City!

I must be wondering on myself, why am I flushing out lines while sitting on a comfy chair before a sparkling monitor? What is the need for it? Having jumped into the brave new world of IT, I am a software engineer now. The days I am passing out on schedule has been running definitely hectic and jam packed. Being in a new place, a new environment and a new city adds up to the plight right until last night when I realized nothing is worse enough to curb my literary exploits on the go. That single thought fueled my interests positively again, pushing me further and farther into it. These new challenges and newest experiences add to my new world generating a massive outflow of that long lost thought streams.

That was may be an intro to my current situation, an acceptance that life has taken strides the harder way, with struggle for existence forming the thought of the day. The rented world that I currently reside in is quite different, alien for those like me who come from the darkness, expecting a rose bed with a cold breeze in it. In this world the concept of colors bringing in warmth and fun into life seems non-existent, denizens herein instead believe work and wealth is the only path to the pinnacle of joy and success, very true I must say, fundamentalists may term them as naturalists and realists as well. Though when I delve deeper, this answer doesn't quantify me, its intriguing rather. Morning bells don't ring in this world rather people are woken up by pure white shuttles originating from hearts of The MNCs, plying on black strips fondly called Highways, picking up so called employees before melting back into their origins, cramming in the whole activity within an interval of few precious hours.

Self explanatory as it may seem, in this world the dust never settles, it keeps pushing itself to places exploring avenues of its own, in short which may mean, everyone runs quite short  of time.

In this world, human aspirations fly higher, emotions sink, coats with the never settling dust, hardens and dies in corners which no one dares to wash out, no one dares to speak off because everyone runs quite short of time.

In this world people reside in man-made freezers, freezers that freezes human hearts and sentiments further into hard baked ice, freezers that never mind continually adding up to climatic derailments, inching denizens of this plastic world to that ultimate catastrophe. Liquid flows, cracks, flies, hurts, kills and changes colors in this world I live in.

Money once originated with an aim to ease life and society seems to have acquired and burrowed traits of its own, now it too flows, flies, floats, hurts, hunts and kills with an enhanced pace, faster than that liquid ever did.

As stated by wise men, technology has ultimately surpassed human interaction in my world. Technology is now on its campaign to enslave humanity to finally hunt, hurt and kill.

So what am I doing in this world? Trying to fit in? Trying to change its innards? Trying to move the world out of its usual track?

No, I am on my pursuit to find an answer to question that lies deep within the heart of this world, that drives it everyday knowing no direction, something that questions its very existence, Is all of this really worth it? ? ? ? 

* My own views though, I won't be questioning myself after this.