A shapeless matter of time!

There were days when I used to think and ponder what life is all about? What does it actually mean? Does it even have a start pertaining to a paired end? Does it collate and cleave? Does it flow like a brook, delving into depths and bubbling through crevices? Well all those thoughts may or may not have reached an end until today, but one definitive conclusion has surfaced above the horizon with passing time, at least in my view and perception of the flowing matter we always confuse with "life", I conclusively prefer to call it, the Time-Life paradigm! Well as you must have conceived the idea of what I can ultimately coin as Life is simply "a shapeless matter of time". It is just a perceptive view of an individual in a single time-frame, and its whole course depends on the in-time Vantage point one chooses. 

So the outcome of that perceptive view may be numerous, just like probability of turning a die pair or may be tossing a coin, there can be numerous combinations and permutations possible, now the sole deciding factor here is "time" again that we at-times do confuse with "Fate" and "Luck" which actually has nothing to do with something which is so finite. The way the world has evolved over time is simply the fragments of such combinations, such combinations that have led to our origins, our lives, our relationships, our feelings and our ultimately rounded off "Lives". Well let me cite an example, for a married man having an adorable child and an awesome life, what if the combination that time chose for him wasn't this one, instead it was something more opposite to what it is today, what if he was paired up with someone who was completely off beat to his vibes, a wrong-combination, his life would have been a mess, a complex piece of puzzle he would try to solve each passing day to realize he has ended up back again to start at square one. Well to that situation we have in the cited example, what did really happen? Did "fate" & "luck" come into play or just it was another of time's mystified games, well no one can possibly know that, no one has control over it either, to all that it is another of that shapeless matter of time, complex yet unavoidable certainties we may call it for the better sense now. 

Well, now the frustrated reader may put forth a question, straight onto my face, as what is your point behind all these pointless blabbering? Does the argument put forth is sensible enough to chalk out any prominent view of a confused paradigm? Yes, I must answer straightaway! How illicit that may sound, I don't care even if a streak of absurdity sneaks beneath the cracks of the logic put up by me. I believe it is an absolute truth which may mean I can scale ledges of disbelief and shatter ages of vandalized misconceptions rooted under the skin of deceitful layers of the society. One can never change the actual course of time and the permutation that has already been etched, concreted over and hardened, in this case past is no more the shapeless matter but a matter that has already shaped an individual's behavior and life forever. Efforts that challenge this paradigm will simply be a fake distraction from the reality and how probable that change may seem, it is "never" going to happen, it will still be a file with a "read-only", "un-modifiable" tag stamped on it.  

Now even a percentage of readers who might have settled in for my view, may be out of frustration or formality will put forth another question, What do we do for it then? Do we simply settle down and let the time stream flow down its destined path, mark my words here destiny is another word for a settled permutation!? Do we have no say on this stage of life where we are dutifully enacting our roles? Well now I would love to jump in again with a solution and a bit of a scrambled answer to that! I would start that answering with a question though, after all questions lead to answers, cause leads to solutions right? So what if I try my best and change the course of a stream, by say a new path I have chalked out for it? It is possible, now the stream takes its new path bubbling happily along, now again I plan on shifting the stream to an altogether new part of the world, deciding a new future for it? Playing God yeah! You would now ridicule my thought, consider me insane, a fail of human though process. Same hold true for your answer, if you try to change the course of your life by a marginal fraction, you can very well do that, changing your negativity into a positive alteration, modifying your attitude, living a more accomplished life, its possible. But if you again try to change, shape, modify and alter life by leaps and bounds, you are foolish enough to be trolled. You are never going to make it to even the edge of life, you will be collapsing to death mid-way. So what I actually meant by all those twisted thoughts is, Life is just a matter of chance, they way it shapes, no one has ever seen it, what we have in hand is its human part of control, we can steer it to perfection, measuring our performances and responsibilities with a yardstick every-time we feel down or uncertain about the possibilities! We can just smile back at time and smirk, "bring it on bitch, I am high!"

That puts an end to the random thought that crept into my mind an hour ago, I would be really happy to hear from you, views that you drew from the perplexed lines above. Please leave your suggestions of improvement below. Have a nice day!