With passing time and aging of my blog, a few realizations have dawned upon me. The major discovery I have made about my blogging preferences is that I like to write in a variety of genres, ranging from fantasy, fiction to reality, which got me thinking about bifurcation of my blog. If I widely categorize my blog and thoughts, I can channelize them to 4 broad spectrum of thoughts, those being, articles, stories, Tech blogs &  poetry, in addition to that there will always be a General section to which all the uncategorized stuff would fall into. So let me tell the readers, going forward, the blog would be having a number of posts, unlike the few ones that it currently has. Thoughts for my tech articles flow quite naturally and frequently as compared to the general and philosophical ones, so it you would be seeing a mix of them. For your convenience I would try to put up strategically placed tabs for easy classification if that is possible or else you have to take the help of the tags. I plan to segregate the Tech blog section to a new blog altogether, where in the articles would be transferred, but that is a thing of the future, quite in the offing, so you need not bother about that currently. Lastly, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you have a good read here, I hope my thoughts and ideas makes some sense in the broader perspective and reach a wider and interested audience. Lots of love and looking forward to a new tomorrow. :-) keep the smiles up!