Back to Tech

The hiatus hasn't been brief at all, since last I wrote all about stuff that I live for, I would rather die for, technology, gadgets, innovation seemed a long faded blur until today. I remember the last post I wrote, may be 2 years back on, with all the nostalgia now haunting me back, I realized this can't be contained within me any longer, spurting it out rather would usher me some solace, so here I go. As promised, from now on my blog would feature, all kinds of posts, articles - Tech & Non-Tech (I love to tag it philosophical, you know how spiritual I can get at times, kidding I am ofcourse). I have got this target in my head to get in as many posts as possible on my blog until 2015, so Godspeed, fingers crossed. If I prove to be quite assiduous, achieving this target won't be that difficult when I have readers like all of you (yea, the one reading it currently as well, I love you, you know ;) )

"Back to Tech", a prologue to my resumed and to be sustained journey exploring my inner Geek (not that boring kinda *wink*). The Tech articles featuring many latest gadgets, innovations and news from that higher spheres of computers, I promise would amuse you and would if not, keep you hooked until you get that inner fulfillment. I am keeping up my promise after all you know.

Disclaimer: All the contents of this blog contains views of an individual (in this case its just me, no external influence whatsoever) on varied topics that I deemed fit sharing with a wider audience. Please bear with me and keep this going. Your comments and wishes were always welcome.