Design Activity - Observation and Affinity Diagramming

This was a class activity and students were asked to observe people using their cellphones in various public spaces and report the findings. It was followed by Affinity Diagramming Process which can be found in greater detail in the PDF embedded below. I observed people in various different setups and reported my findings. This whole process taught me the power of observations and note-taking leading to arranging and grouping of ideas using the Affinity Diagramming Process. 

The observations were done with my fellow classmate : Ms. Gargi Saha from the MSIM Program in iSchool, University of Washington. The Affinity Diagramming Process was performed with a team which consisted of other MSIM fellow classmates namely : BK Sarthak Das, Qin Jiang, Qianying Miao, Jyothirmayee Mocherla, Gargi Saha.