Introduction to Design Methods Reflections

I have been sinking deeper into the world of design every passing day. Taking up design project in the course - IMT 540 at the iSchool of University of Washington during my program is enhancing my design skills and reflection abilities. In a series of blog posts, I will try to present all the different types of reflections on the the readings and design activities I have done in class. There reflections were submitted in class as assignments and I acknowledge that these are original work of my own with proper attributions and references to their original authors if any. Most of these reflections were written by me and there are a few that have been co-authored or edited by a fellow classmate : Ms. Yuhui Chen (Raina) - also from the iSchool, MSIM Program, University of Washington. These writings are subject to copyright and cannot be copied or reproduced without my permission or the permission of my co-author (in posts where that applies). I hope with these reflections I would be able to delve deeper and understand the nuances of Design and plan systems to implement them in more holistic and user centric methods. Empathic design and value sensitive designs and scenarios have been at the core of the posts and my thinking/design process. Prof. Batya Friedman from the iSchool - the instructor for the course IMT 540 has been a major driving force behind my creative design journey. I attribute all my design methodology and reasoning process to the Design Gurus Don Norman (and his book "The Design of Everyday Things") and his colleague Jakob Nielsen. I hope these posts are relevant and meaningful.

Many of my previous blog posts exhibit my love for technology and my creative writing journey through articles, thoughts and stories. Thanks.